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Neighbors spent $1.6K on their pets in 2023 [Insights from Nextdoor]

If you've spent time on Nextdoor, you'll see that content of neighbors' furry friends does very well. Makes sense, considering over 3/4 of Nextdoor neighbors report having a pet of their own.

We decided to explore insights, trends, and the budgetary commitments of our fellow pet aficionados, discovering how our furry, feathered, or finned friends shape our lives and wallets.

Ranking popularity: Canines remain top dogs

It’s astonishing but not entirely surprising: in our bustling community of Nextdoor, an impressive 83% have opened their homes—and their hearts—to pets.

Dogs, in particular, have fetched themselves the title of the favored companion, outnumbering their feline counterparts by a significant 33%.

It's a dog's world, and we're just living in it, sharing our couches and or occasionally, our dinners.

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Motivations: More than just a pet

The motivations behind pet adoptions are as heartwarming as they are revealing.

At the forefront of pet ownership is the quest for companionship—a testament to our intrinsic need for connection.

Following closely is the pursuit of mental well-being. Our furry friends are not merely pets; they are our confidantes, our comforters, and our daily dose of happiness.

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 11.25.17 AMGrowth: The ripple effect of pet adoption

The prospects of pet adoption remains high with 1 in 5 individuals without a pet today considering adoption within the next year.

Even more fascinating? The social ripple effect evident in pet acquisitions. The likelihood of bringing a pet home goes up 4x in the wake of a neighbor’s new addition—suggesting that the joy of pet ownership is indeed contagious with increasing viral content of pets online, transcending beyond personal desire to a community trend.

This phenomenon holds, even when we adjust for a whole spectrum of variables like age, income, education, and the fabric of the neighborhood itself.

Pets 4xMoney: Financing a furry family increases YoY

As for the financials—pet ownership in 2023 came with a big price tag.

Pet lovers dished out an average of $1.6K on their animals, a figure that underscores the depth of our commitment to their well-being.

Reflecting on the expenses, over half of pet owners felt their 2023 pet spend exceeded that of the previous year, with an even greater proportion of Nextdoor users—62%—echoing this sentiment. 

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Converting insights into action

Pets have become indispensable pillars in our lives, fostering a realm of companionship, emotional support, and a sense of unity within our communities.

As our team analyze these trends and figures, it's evident: our neighborhoods are not just clusters of homes but interconnected ecosystems where the joy of pet ownership spreads from one doorstep to another, fostering connections and nurturing a shared culture of care and respect.

Dive deeper into the world of pet ownership, spending trends, and community impacts over at our Insights Hub. For businesses ready to leap into action and engage with a community of dedicated pet lovers, discover how Nextdoor is the key to unlocking this vibrant market at business.nextdoor.com/enterprise.

Source: Nextdoor Survey, US & UK (12/2023)


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