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Nextdoor Insights: Support for local businesses remains strong

October 12, 2021
Written by Carla Morla
October 12, 2021 | Written by Carla Morla

In honor of Neighbor Month, our team surveyed Nextdoor neighbors to get a sense of what’s top of mind and trending within their communities. In our sixth and most recent Insights Report, we highlight how neighborhoods are the communities we can count on. 

Local businesses are a vital part of the neighborhood and these new insights show that support for local businesses continues to remain strong. 

Read on for highlights from our latest Nextdoor Insights Report and get the full report here.

The majority of neighbors prioritize supporting local businesses

Local businesses like yours are an integral part of your neighborhood. When local businesses thrive, neighborhoods thrive. The good news is support for local businesses remains high. In general, 72% of U.S. adults have made it even more of a priority to support local businesses compared to pre-pandemic times. 

Key takeaway for your business

As neighbors continue to prioritize supporting local, business owners should continue to engage with nearby customers. Share updates with Business Posts, respond to your direct messages, and engage with neighbors whenever your business is mentioned. Building relationships with customers online and in person will keep them coming back.

Nextdoor neighbors are making an effort to spend more at local businesses

Neighbors not only want to support their neighborhood businesses, but they’re also willing to spend more money to show that support. As a business owner, you can rest assured that nearby customers are motivated to make a purchase or book an appointment because of your local proximity. 

NOTE: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey are the top states shopping local. 

Key takeaway for your business

This insight is encouraging news as we head into the holiday shopping season. With neighbors making an effort to spend more at local businesses, make sure your business is easy to find. Share a Local Deal on Nextdoor to capture nearby customers’ attention and drive traffic and sales to your business. Take advantage of upcoming holidays like Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Neighbors prefer to shop locally at a variety of places

No matter the industry, our latest insights show Nextdoor neighbors prefer to shop at local establishments over chains and online retailers across a variety of industries. Top industries where neighbors prefer local include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries and cafes
  • Automotive services
  • Grocery
  • Beauty
  • Home and garden

Key takeaway for your business

As a local business, your story is unique and it’s one reason customers will choose a local business over a chain. Easily get discovered and let neighbors know what makes your business stand out by updating your Business Page.

As we celebrate neighborhoods across the country, rest assured that local businesses remain top of mind for neighbors. 

To learn more from our latest Insights Report, click here.

Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting businesses, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook.

Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting business, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook

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