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Top 6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2021

November 7, 2019
Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team
November 7, 2019 | Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

This article was updated on November 24, 2020

In today’s highly charged and competitive real estate market, you’ll have to do more than post new listings and send direct mail. And with the pandemic complicating in-person showings, the use of virtual tours and unique marketing content is more important than ever. To become the best real estate agent in town, you’ll have to be a strategic marketer.

Along with marketing your clients’ properties, you’ll be ramping up marketing efforts to build brand awareness, secure leads, and start closing sales.

Adding these tactics to your marketing plan will make you a lead competitor in the real estate industry in 2021:

  • Observe real estate website best practices
  • Create multiple landing pages
  • Aerial video and lifestyle marketing
  • Embrace pandemic-safe tour technologies
  • Leverage the power of social media
  • Run an active blog

#1 Observe real estate website best practices

The first step to attracting new leads and building your contacts database is to set up a real estate business page. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, MLS websites and apps are among the most valuable real estate marketing tools that generate the highest quality of leads to real estate businesses.

How do you ensure that your website stands out? Follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices that will turn your real estate website into a solid lead generator:

  • Use an eye-catching layout and design
  • Make your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Include an IDX-optimized search bar on-site
  • Include high-quality, professional photos, videos, and infographics
  • Provide interesting and outstanding property description
  • Include comprehensive neighborhood information and free real estate resources
  • Include effective call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Implement an SEO marketing strategy to ensure that your website ranks high in Google rankings
  • Ensure contact information, including your phone number and email, is easy for potential buyers to find
  • Include newsletter signup boxes and links to your social media profiles

#2 Create multiple landing pages

Using one single landing page for all your lead generation efforts might not be the smartest real estate marketing strategy. In this case, it might be wise to have multiple landing pages, including:

  • A home value landing page: You can create this page to allow visitors to look up the value of their home. When they land on this page, visitors will be asked to provide their contact information to receive their estimate.
  • A free content landing page: You can create this page to provide visitors with free content. It can be an eBook, PDF, or any other type of content that might lure visitors to input their contact details.
  • A home search landing page: You can create this page to allow visitors to search for new homes in their desired area.

Remember that visitors have a short attention span. Keep your content short and straight to the point.

#3 Aerial video and lifestyle marketing

Thanks to the boom of video drones, capturing aerial footage has become cheaper and easier than ever. Aerial photos and video shots allow prospective buyers to visualize the dimensions of the property, as well as its relation to neighboring properties and local amenities. Consider shooting around sunset, when soft, warm colors beautify the landscape and enhance a home’s natural appeal. 

For larger, more stately properties, the use of aerial footage can aid in marketing the dream lifestyle a home offers. Indoors, conveying a home’s dream lifestyle can be achieved through staging, but outdoors this is more readily done with sweeping aerial shots of a home’s amenities in action. Homes featuring large swimming pools, elaborate gardens and backyards, unique lots, rooftop decks, or stunning views typically make great candidates for drone-assisted lifestyle marketing campaigns. 

#4 Embrace pandemic-safe tour technologies

With many areas returning to the more restrictive tiers of lockdown, it’s likely that your ability to show homes in-person is greatly reduced. If you haven’t already, it’s essential that you offer clients virtual or 3D home tours in addition to traditional still photos. 

Not only are 3D virtual tours more compelling than still photos alone, but they also allow potential buyers to explore the layout of the home. Unlike still photos or video montages, 3D tours let buyers “walk” through a home, from room to room, like they would in-person. Plus, using virtual tour technologies requires minimal disruption to the client, who may still be occupying their home. 

#5 Leverage the power of social media

Everyone — first-time home buyers, prospective buyers, and past clients — searches for homes online, making social media and online marketing a valuable combo for real estate agents. Social media for business marketing has proven very useful in attracting all kinds of audiences. Different social media platforms can help you reach potential clients, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Nextdoor.

Here are some ideas to elevate your social media marketing efforts:

  • Make social sharing easy by including responsive layouts (for desktop and mobile devices) and simple share buttons
  • Enable reviews and ratings on each social media platform
  • Use live streaming (such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live) to give a behind-the-scenes look of the properties you’re selling
  • Post 360-degree videos and photos of the properties you’re selling
  • Build a Facebook Messenger chatbot or a similar service that programs bots to answer frequently asked questions
  • Post a poll as a way to spark dialogue with homeowners in a local neighborhood on Nextdoor
  • Use hashtags in your social media for listings and all other real estate posts
  • Get your open houses in front of verified local residents with Nextdoor’s sponsored posts
  • Engage on LinkedIn’s group discussion boards to network in your community

Your goal when using each social media account is to spark interest and engage. Encourage people to click on the links and images that will take them directly to your real estate website.

Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship for real estate agents can help you engage with your community and get your listings in front of nearby prospective buyers. With a sponsorship, you can target the audience you want to reach by ZIP code, showcase your local expertise, and build up your reputation among verified residents of your neighborhood. Include Nextdoor as part of your digital marketing efforts for 2021.

#6 Run an active blog

If you don’t already have one, consider starting a blog for your real estate business. A blog can act as an educational resource for both current and potential clients, increasing your business’s overall visibility. Additionally, it provides a space to start an open dialogue with the people in your neighborhood about anything related to real estate. This marketing idea is great because it will position you as a trusted real estate professional in your area, which will bring even more clients to your door. 

Real estate marketing in 2021 doesn’t necessarily require you to be a web guru. But leveraging the power of different real estate tools will set your real estate business apart from both local and national competition. Incorporating the above real estate marketing ideas into your real estate marketing strategy will undoubtedly raise your profile and set your company up for success in the real estate market.

Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting businesses, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook.

Claim your free Business Page to get started on Nextdoor. For resources on how to use Nextdoor to stay connected with your local customers, pertinent news affecting business, and more, follow us at @nextdoorbusiness on Facebook

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