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Top festive trends of 2022 you need to know to boost sales

Oct 31, 2022 11:05:11 AM
Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team
Oct 31, 2022 11:05:11 AM | Written by Nextdoor Editorial Team

Top 10 festive trends of 2022 you need to know to boost sales

Consumer preferences and behaviours change quickly, especially in uncertain times.  With the pandemic almost in the rear view mirror and inflationary pressures ramping up, this festive season looks to be different than the last few years.

Successful small business owners understand these trends and plan their marketing and advertising strategy to meet customers in the moment.

Here are the top 10 trends for 2022 to keep in mind as you plan your Christmas marketing campaign and calendar.

1. Neighbours are starting their holiday shopping early. Supply chain issues and inflationary concerns are driving neighbours to kickstart their shopping sooner rather than later. Fifty percent of Nextdoor neighbours*  will begin their Christmas shopping a month or more in advance. 

Nextdoor tip: Claim your Nextdoor Business Page now to be discovered locally. 

2. Retailers remain a key source of shopping inspiration on and offline. More than 70% of consumers plan to use a retail touchpoint like physical shops, retail websites, or brand sites to start their gift shopping. Neighbours are relying on your expertise for the best gifting ideas.

Nextdoor tip: Complete your Nextdoor Business Page with your store address so neighbours can visit in-person, and include your website so they can research your products online.

3. The popularity of gift cards continues to grow. Supply chain issues have led to empty shelves, out-of-stock items, and delivery delays, which has increased the purchases of gift cards. In 2021, the trend spiked with a 27% increase in gift card sales during the festive season. 

Nextdoor tip: Include a URL for gift card purchases on your Business Page to enable neighbours to easily purchase. 

4. Rising inflation will affect Christmas shopping and spending. Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers expect inflation to have an impact on their 2022 Christmas shopping and spending, with 59% expecting that the impact will be moderate or significant. Consumers are still expecting to spend, but sales and discounts will matter more this year with inflation-induced thriftiness.

Nextdoor tip: Fourty two percent of Nextdoor neighbours* spend time looking for the best deals. Promote your sales via a Local Deals

5. Influence for Christmas gift purchases comes from social media – and neighbours. According to McKinsey, 58% of consumers say social media will influence their Christmas buying decisions. On Nextdoor, 72% of neighbours* report being influenced by a neighbour’s recommendation. 

Nextdoor tip: Use a Business Post to tap into your loyal customer base and ask for recommendations on Nextdoor to help strengthen your local reputation. 96% of Nextdoor neighbours have seen business recommendations on Nextdoor, so more recommendations means more visibility for your business. All recommendations appear on your Business Page, which builds trust with neighbours.

6. Home products and services are top of mind for consumers. Spending so much time at home during the last two years has influenced the kinds of gifts consumers buy: 33% of shoppers plan to buy home products, like coffee makers, robotic vacuums, and electric toothbrushes, as Christmas gifts. Home services businesses benefit three times more* from advertising on Nextdoor during the holiday season, which means neighbours are looking for help with things around the home, like hanging holiday decorations, house cleaning, window washing, and more.

Nextdoor tip: If you sell home products or services, use your free Business Posts to inspire neighbours with gift recommendations and product reviews.

7. Consumers will continue their festive shopping into January. Don’t put those decorations away too soon. Thirty two percent of consumers plan to shop the week after Christmas, and 45% plan to shop in January to take advantage of post-Christmas sales, use up gift cards, and even score some gifts for themselves. 

Nextdoor tip: Continue marketing your sales and promotions into January using Local Deals. Nextdoor neighbours love a good sale: 43% look for discount codes or coupons* and are 30% more likely to wait for Christmas sale events to make major purchases*.

8. An online presence is essential. Neighbours depend on the internet for almost all their holiday needs. Researching, bargain hunting, and purchasing are done online whenever possible. 45% of Nextdoor neighbours research products online before buying them*, and 42% spend time looking for the best deal*.

Nextdoor tip: Claim your Business Page and boost your business locally by sharing your Christmas offers with Local Deals.

9. Retailers are getting more involved with their community. Neighbourhoods thrive when small businesses thrive. 68% plan to participate in more community initiatives, and 1 in 3 will be partnering with other local businesses, participating in local events, and donating supplies to community organisations

Nextdoor tip: Claim your Business Page to connect directly with neighbours and organisations. No need to build a following – they are already there.

10. Automated technology helps small businesses manage labour shortages.  The impact of the Great Resignation still lingers as small businesses continue to deal with a tight labour market. Taking advantage of automated technology can help you get more done with fewer people.

The Christmas shopping season will look different in 2022, so make sure your business is ready.

Use this round up of festive trends to get a head start on your Christmas marketing strategy. Plan ahead for when you’ll start promoting your business, and use Nextdoor’s Business Page, Business Posts, and Local Deals to turn neighbours into customers.  

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*Source: Internal Nextdoor Data

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