Jan 11, 2023 | 2 min read

Win Big with Your Brand During March Madness on Nextdoor

March doesn’t only mark the start of Spring - it’s also March Madness month. Between March 14 and April 3, 68 men’s NCAA basketball teams will face off for the final championship. And for many, it’s one of the biggest, most exciting events in all of sports.

How does Nextdoor fit in? College basketball championships are your brand’s shot at reaching neighbors. And Nextdoor is home to plenty of basketball fans, in neighborhoods all across the country. 



Moreover, ~1 in 3 neighbors plan to watch March Madness live on broadcast TV2, giving your brand the perfect opportunity to get involved in the conversation. Looking for more ideas to involve your brand? 

Include your brand in planning

  • Share ideas for the best viewing experience, such as snacks and decor
  • Create a to-do list guiding neighbors on how to create a fun viewing experience
  • Customize messaging with local info to highlight upcoming game details
  • Utilize 1st and 3rd targeting to ensure relevance and increase efficiency

Drive online conversions

  • Highlight relevant brand information or ideas to generate demand
  • Offer an exclusive March Madness deal to influence neighbor behavior
  • Link to a pre-filled cart with suggested items for easy conversions
  • Share information on the nearest store and safe pickup options to make sure neighbors have everything they need to watch

Learn more about how Nextdoor helps businesses convert neighbors into customers here: business.nextdoor.com/enterprise   



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