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Small business advertising tips

Advertising best practices for small businesses

Note: The following article describes aspects of a new ad experience that has rolled out to a small number of businesses that have claimed their Business Page on Nextdoor. As such, this experience can only be accessed by those businesses who have logged in to their Business Profile. 
As an advertiser on Nextdoor, follow these best practices to help your business ads stand out.

Creative best practices

  • Keep it short: Use your headline or a concise 1-2 sentence description of your business or special offer as your ad headline.
  • Stay close to home: Tailor ad messages and photography to popular conversation topics on Nextdoor: home, family, and community.
  • Keep it real: Feature images of your product, services, store, or everyday people in settings neighbors can relate to.
  • Photos are better than text: Lifestyle photography performs better than images with words on them. Save text for the description.
  • Don't blend in: Lifestyle photography performs better than images with words on them. Be colorful and bold to grab neighbors' attention in the feed.

Ad components

 When compiling the assets for your ads, keep these specs in mind for optimal display: 

  • Logo: 100px X 100px (pulled from your Business Page)
  • Headline: maximum 70 characters 
  • Photo: 1:1 ratio, <1 MB JPEG or PNG    
  • Call-to-action (CTA): Include a CTA that guides customers to take the action you want them to take (i.e. "Order now").
See a preview of where your ads will appear on Nextdoor:

Ad placements 

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