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Webinar: Small Business Holiday How-To's

When it comes to your small business holiday marketing, getting an early start is key. With 78% of consumers planning to start shopping early, you want to make sure you're meeting them in the moment.

In this Nextdoor small business webinar, we'll discuss:

  • What's top of mind for neighbors during the holiday season
  • How to create a holiday campaign on Nextdoor
  • Best practices to make your holiday content pop

Watch our Small Business Holiday How-To's webinar now


Webinar resources and Q&A

Resources shared during webinar:

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Check out our dedicated Nextdoor Ads webinar here:

Ad specifications for the various formats can be found here:

To learn how to verify your business to access free Business Posts, visit:

Check out our holiday marketing calendar here:

Here are some tips for updating your Business Page for the holiday season:

Free stock photography:

Additional Nextdoor resources:


Q&A  - Hundreds of questions were asked during the webinar. We’ve identified the most common questions and answered them below.


How can I find and claim my Business Page?

To claim your free Business Page, follow this link: You’ll need to enter your name, email address, business name, and business type.


Can you share step-by-step instructions for creating an ad?

You can watch a visual walkthrough on how to create an ad here.


How do I create a post?

Find a step-by-step guide for how to create a Business Post here. Note: If you also have a neighbor account, you need to switch over to your business account to post from your business. 


How do I get set up if I have two different businesses? Do I need two different accounts?

You can add up to 10 pages to one account. Similar to how you can switch between your neighbor profile and Business Page, you can switch between multiple business pages. This article goes into more detail.


Do you recommend connecting your business account with your personal account or keeping them separate?

While we highly recommend having a neighbor account to connect with neighbors and see what topics are of interest to your community, connecting your accounts so that you have one login/password is a  personal preference. If you will be the sole manager of your Business Page, adding the Business Page to your neighbor account allows you to easily switch between your neighbor and business experiences. Alternatively, if multiple people will manage your Business Page or you simply prefer to keep your business and personal accounts separate, you can create a separate business account at using a different email/password combination. 


I sell online. How do I advertise my business on Nextdoor? 

Nextdoor is a local platform, so you will need to enter a location to set up your Business Page, though you can hide your address from public view. Once you’ve set up your Business Page, you'll be able to use Nextdoor Ads to target surrounding ZIP codes.


Why can’t I see my own Business Posts and Nextdoor Ads in my neighborhood? (I live in a different neighborhood than my business.)

Business Posts are visible to your business’s neighborhood. If your personal account is not within the same Nextdoor neighborhood as your business, you will not see your business’s Posts in your newsfeed. For Nextdoor Ads, you may see your business’s ads if you’ve chosen to target an area that includes your neighborhood, but it's dependent on timing. 


How do I view messages from leads? 

Direct messages from neighbors on Nextdoor will show up in your business profile’s Inbox. This includes messages that come from the "Get more direct messages" ad, as well as messages from neighbors who visit your Business Page and want to get in touch.


How can I get my name out there and get more recommendations on Nextdoor?

  • Share the link to your Business Page with customers
  • Ask for recommendations on Nextdoor
  • Use free Business Posts to engage your nearby neighbors on a regular basis. Share updates, get feedback, promote an event, etc.
  • Create Nextdoor Ads to reach more people and drive more business


What is the difference between Business Posts and Nextdoor Ads? 

Posts are free and allow you to reach your immediate neighborhood and any neighbors who have connected with your Business Page, indicating they want to see your posts in their newsfeed. Posts are great for engagement. You can easily share updates, get feedback, promote an event, etc. 

Ads are paid and allow you to reach neighbors beyond your immediate neighborhood. Ads give you priority placement in the newsfeed and boost your ranking in search results. Ads are great for helping you reach more people and driving more business. 

We encourage you to use both Posts and Ads to promote your business, as they can serve different purposes. Combined, they help keep your business name front and center in neighbors' feeds. The more that neighbors see your business name, the more they'll think of you when they need your type of product or service. 


What if I want to run different ads to different ZIP codes? 

You can create multiple ads and target each to a specific ZIP code.


How do I know if my ads are working? 

Your dedicated Ads dashboard shows the views and clicks on your ad. We also recommend that you get in the habit of asking customers where they heard of you, whether this is at the end of a phone call or part of your “contact us” form on your website. This will help you understand what platform is driving the most traffic to your business.  


What are the specs of a Nextdoor Ad or Business Post? Can we add videos and photos?

Nextdoor Ads and Business Posts can support a single photo, but do not currently support video. You can view ad specifications here.


Can you edit an ad once it’s published?

You can edit your ad's creative (headline, image, call-to-action), target audience, or budget at any time. Note that if you update the creative, your ad will go back into a short review period. For more on how to edit your ad, see here


What are the demographics of the Nextdoor user?

Nextdoor neighbors are the household decision makers – they make the purchase decisions. 

  • 61% identify as female 
  • The median household income is $90k
  • 79% are homeowners 
  • 62% are parents 


I’m having trouble verifying my business page. I’ve sent in the appropriate documents but they keep getting rejected. What more can I do? 

To learn how to verify your business so you can use Business Posts, check out this help article. If you’re still having trouble, please use the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the article to connect with an individual from our support team.


Can a real estate business advertise on Nextdoor?



What type of customer support do you offer?:

We have a dedicated small business Help Center and a highly trained small business support team who is always happy to help. If your question is not answered by a Help article, you can find a "Contact us" form at the bottom of any article to easily get in touch with our support team. 


Our business operates in different (but connected) cities. Can we manage operations in all locations from one account, or do we have to make a business page for each location?

For different locations, we recommend creating separate Business Pages so that you can engage nearby neighbors with business posts and ensure your nearest location appears in search results. You can add up to 10 Business Pages to one business account. Similar to how you switch between your neighbor profile and Business Page, you can switch between multiple Business Pages. Learn more here.


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