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Celebrate National Neighbor Day with kind acts

Sep 27, 2022 • Written by Nextdoor Enterprise Team

Throughout the month of September, Nextdoor and Verizon partnered on an initiative to encourage neighbor-to-neighbor connection across the country: The Big Neighborhood MeetUp. Neighbors across 4 cities were invited to come together, enjoy a meal and conversation, and rekindle and strengthen bonds with their community. In honor of Nextdoor’s annual Neighbor Month in September and as part of Verizon’s #ACallForKindness campaign, this month-long movement is a call to action to recognize and build vital relationships with those nearby and to showcase the power of kindness.

Culminating a month-long initiative to encourage neighborhood connection, new insights from a joint study released in September 2022 with explores the overall kindest, as well as the most cost-effective kind acts people can do for those in their communities - defined by their perceived cost to the actor (in terms of expended time, effort, expense) and the overall benefit to the recipient. This approach enabled a further calculation of each act’s cost-benefit ratio, or overall ‘cost-effectiveness’. Perhaps unsurprising against the current economic background, we learned that paying for someone else's groceries was ranked as the #1 kindest act across ages, genders, and geographies. This year, neighbors can celebrate National Neighbor Day on September 28th by spreading kindness. The top 20 kindest and most cost-effective kind acts for neighbors are listed below:

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Read the full research report here.
For more on what we've learned from neighbors on Nextdoor, check out our Insights Hub.


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