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Spring Post Ideas for Your Neighborhood Sponsorship

March 25, 2021
Written by Carla Morla
March 25, 2021 | Written by Carla Morla

Spring is here and with a new season comes a chance to reintroduce your business to neighbors in the communities you serve. A Nextdoor Neighborhood Sponsorship can help you get your name out in the ZIP codes that matter to your business. Along with ads, you receive two posts per month for every ZIP code you sponsor. These posts make it easy to engage with potential clients and customers while building your brand reputation. Whether you’re a current sponsor or are ready to become one, use these post ideas for inspiration all season long. 

#1 Use the polls feature to start a conversation around a topic that’s top-of-mind

Conversations among Nextdoor neighbors around spring cleaning begin in February and tick up around March and into April. Using your sponsorship, create a poll to encourage neighbors to weigh in on the home projects they’ll be working on this season. You can also use this post as an opportunity to collect recommendations of local businesses that neighbors use for their spring cleaning needs. This kind of post not only demonstrates your willingness to engage with neighbors but also shows how you support other local businesses in the community. You can even compile the list of recommendations to share with new movers to help welcome them to the neighborhood. 

#2 Share before and after photos to showcase the quality of your work

Spring cleaning can also mean that neighbors are doing more home projects, like finally getting around to much-needed repairs, getting their yards in tip-top shape, or organizing their pantries and closets. If your business offers these types of services, leverage before and after photos of past projects to showcase the quality of your work and reassure potential clients and customers that you’re the right business to work with.

#3 Host a community event

The new season is a welcome change from the winter cold with spring’s sunshine. Because of the warmer weather (and loosening COVID restrictions), neighbors may be more comfortable being outside with others in the community. Use this opportunity to bring the neighborhood together and position your business as a community builder by hosting an event. Safety is still a top priority so be sure to check on local COVID guidelines for safe group gatherings. Use your sponsorship post to promote it among Nextdoor neighbors. Consider partnering with a local organization to host a neighborhood clean-up or teaming up with local restaurants, bars, and cafes for a food festival.  

Whether you are a current Neighborhood Sponsor or still considering a sponsorship, the spring season is an opportune time to get your business’s name out into the community and build relationships with neighbors in the ZIP codes that matter to you. Claim your free Business Page and head to the Content tab to get started, or learn more about Neighborhood Sponsorships here.

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