Jan 12, 2023 | 10 min read

Webinar: How to invest in your reputation with Nextdoor

The new year brings a fresh start and the opportunity to re-evaluate parts of your business, including your marketing strategy and brand awareness. Given the uncertain economic climate, it's more important than ever to keep your small business top of mind among customers. Investing in your local reputation is key to helping your business thrive in the new year. 

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Watch: How to invest in your reputation in 2023

In this webinar, you'll learn how to use Nextdoor to invest in your local reputation. We'll cover:

  • How to establish an online presence and stand out with a free Nextdoor Business Page
  • Tips to build buzz around your business with Nextdoor Recommendations and Faves
  • Key resources for growing your business with Nextdoor all year long


Webinar Recap

Make your business page stand out

Share your business story 

Your story is what makes your business unique and can ultimately be the reason a customer chooses your business over another. In fact, 87% of Nextdoor neighbors are more likely to spend with a small business if they know the business’s backstory. Make sure you take the time to include your story on your Business Page. 

Consider these things when crafting your story:

  • Include basic business information
  • Don't be afraid to get personal
  • Be concise and conversational
  • Highlight your accomplishments
  • Include a call to action (CTA)

Update your Business Page seasonally

 62% of Nextdoor neighbors have discovered a small business on Nextdoor. Make sure your page is updated so that neighbors have the most accurate information when they find your business. Also, updating your page keeps it fresh and relevant. This shows potential customers that you are actively engaging with potential customers. If possible, weave in marketing elements and messaging that align with what's top of mind for the season. 

Use high-quality imagery

Incorporating high-quality images into your Business Page helps improve your page's visibility. In fact, Business Pages with a logo generate 7X as many views as pages without a logo and Business Pages with a photo gallery generate over 2X as many views as pages without. If you don't have access to professional photography, utilize free stock image websites and even a smartphone camera. 

Build buzz with Nextdoor Faves and recommendations

Faves and recommendations are two easy and free ways to boost word-of-mouth marketing and showcase the trust and support customers have for your business. Ultimately, they help your business build its reputation.

To make the most of these free business tools, make sure you:

  • Share the unique link to your Business Page with your customers
  • Ask neighbors to help you spread the word on their Nextdoor account and other social channels
  • Use your recommendations as content for your marketing 

Use Nextdoor's resources to kickstart growth in 2023

Investing in your reputation is not a one-time action. Use Nextdoor's resources to invest in your reputation all year long.

  • Utilize your free, unlimited Business Posts to share business updates, photos, recommendations, and get feedback from neighbors.
  • Share special offers and reach potential customers beyond your immediate neighborhood with Nextdoor Ads

Links shared in the webinar

Here are the links to all the resources we shared during the webinar.

Webinar FAQ

We’ve identified the most common questions from the webinar and answered them below.

Getting started

I have multiple accounts with the same name. Can I merge them or delete one?
If you have multiple accounts, please reach out to our support team at help.nextdoor.com
They'll be able to help you combine any duplicate accounts. 

I have multiple locations. Do I need more than one business account?
You can add up to 10 pages to one account. Similar to how you can switch between your neighbor profile and Business Page, you can switch between multiple business pages. This article goes into more detail.

I am a mobile business. Can I not include an address for a location on the page?
Listing an address on your Business Page is required so Nextdoor knows which neighborhood to place your business in. By default, Nextdoor does not publically display your address. So if you don't have a storefront or simply do not wish to share your address, you can leave the settings as is. However, if you do wish to show your address, make sure you check the box that says “show above address in contact information.” 

Business Pages

Can galleries or pictures be separated into different galleries or groups of photos?
Your Business Page only has one photo gallery so your photos aren't able to be separated into different groups.

How often should you add fresh content?
This varies based on your business but we recommend updating your Business Page each season. Additionally, we encourage sharing Business Posts regularly to keep your customers engaged.  

How do I switch from my personal account to my business account?
To switch from your neighbor account to your business account: Click on your profile icon or photo at the top right of the page. Then, select the business account you want to switch to from the list of accounts under your name.
To switch from your business account to your neighbor account, or another business account: Click on your profile icon or photo in the top right of the page then select the account you want to switch to from the list of accounts under Accounts.

How do I share my Business Page?
To share your Business Page, head to the “Page” tab on your business account. From there, you’ll see an arrow icon with the word “Share” next to it. Click on that and your unique page link will pop up. This is the link you’ll want to share to get neighbors to Fave or recommend you.

How far is the reach of a Business Page?
Your Business Page can be seen by neighbors who live within 50 miles of your business address.

Is there any way to post details of my business other than a Business Post?
Yes. Head to the "Page" tab in your business account and click "Edit" at the top. From there, you can add your contact information, your business story, photos, and your business category.

Are there specific categories for Business Pages? 
You can add or edit your business categories by going to the "Page" tab in your business account and clicking on "Edit" at the top.

Recommendations and Faves

How important is it to respond to recommendations on Nextdoor? 
It's very important to respond to recommendations on Nextdoor. When customers take the time to leave you positive words, you want to show them that their support matters. Take the time to respond by saying "thank you." You can also use this opportunity to share any upcoming or exciting business updates to help them feel like they are in the know. For example, you can say, "Thank you so much for supporting our business. Your kind words mean so much and we could not do it without customers like you. We have so many exciting things coming up. Be sure to swing by in February when we release our Valentine's pastries!" 

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