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Announcing 2023 Neighborhood Faves winners and AI for small businesses

Published July 18, 2023.


The seventh annual event produces millions of votes from neighbors; Nextdoor introduces Generative AI “Assistant” to help local businesses grow

Nextdoor’s 2023 Neighborhood Favorites are here! For the seventh consecutive year, Neighborhood Favorites awards local businesses that have been voted by real neighbors who live in the community.

Check out 2023’s winners below and learn how Nextdoor’s new generative artificial intelligence (AI) “Assistant” tool is helping business owners quickly get in front of new audiences.


Neighbors know best

The 2023 Neighborhood Faves awards recognizes the top 4% of local businesses on Nextdoor and honors the outstanding individuals and establishments that make neighborhoods thrive1.

The winners in each category demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their neighborhoods and are recognized by neighbors as the best in their field. From favorite coffee shops and restaurants to real estate agents and CPAs, the 2023 Neighborhood Faves winners reflect millions of diverse businesses and organizations that contribute to the fabric of our communities. 

Being a Neighborhood Fave is also good for business: According to a poll conducted this year among U.S. neighbors, 79% of Nextdoor neighbors say they are more likely to consider shopping at a business or using a service if they knew it was a Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave2. Neighborhood Faves also see 290x more business page views and 6x more business page recommendations3

The top 10 winners for 2023 (listed in alphabetical order) include: 

  1. Cafe 44 – Greensboro, GA

  2. Dolce Vita Ristorante – Hot Springs, AZ

  3. Giorgio’s Italian Food & Pizzeria – San Jose, CA

  4. Jake the Handyman – San Diego, CA

  5. Joe the Plumber, Inc. – Cape Coral, FL

  6. Joes Pasta House – Rio Rancho, NM

  7. Joseph’s Junk Removal – Atlanta, GA

  8. Pedro Madril, Electrician – Phoenix, AZ

  9. Powell's Books – Beaverton, OR

  10. Sweet Kneads – Eatonton, GA

This year’s winners will receive $500 in Nextdoor Ad credit to help them continue growing their businesses. 

The complete list of your local winning businesses in the U.S. are now available at nextdoor.com/favorites. Search for “Neighborhood Faves” in the Nextdoor app to find your community’s favorites.

Expanding generative AI to help small businesses

Following the launch of 2023 Neighborhood Faves, we are making it easier than ever to engage with your community and post on Nextdoor by expanding our generative AI “Assistant” feature. 

Rolling out in the U.S. over the next few months, Assistant uses cutting-edge language analysis technology to enable small businesses to create more engaging posts to promote your business and also provide neighbors with suggestions to find a local service. 

We know you often wear multiple hats of CEO, CMO, and CFO and Nextdoor’s generative AI updates can help small businesses with creating content that connects with their communities, leaving more time for you to grow your business. 

Using the Nextdoor AI Assistant, business recommendation summaries on Nextdoor can be automatically generated leveraging verified neighbor recommendations and are viewable in the guest experience, enabling even those who do not have a Nextdoor account to see what neighbors love about a business. If you’re an owner, this can help improve business awareness and elevate your reputation to potential new customers. 

ND assistant

Nextdoor is committed to aligning the use of generative AI technology with our values and mission. For more details, visit ai.nextdoor.com/generative-ai-principles/.  

Ready to become a Neighborhood Fave and use Nextdoor’s AI Assistant? Get started today by claiming your business!

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Three tips to be a “Neighborhood Fave”

Want to be featured on next year’s list? Here’s three tips to ensure you are in the running to be a  2024 Neighborhood Fave. 

  • Increase your Nextdoor Faves

Faves is the way customers can show their support for your business. When a person “Faves” your business, they will receive your updates in their Nextdoor feed regardless of what neighborhood they are in, helping  expand your reach. Remind your customers to Fave you on Nextdoor, and potentially offer a discount for those who Fave you. To get started,  claim your free business page and share the link to your business page on your website, email footer, and other social media platforms. 

  • Get customers to recommend you on Nextdoor

Everyday, neighbors come to Nextdoor to seek out businesses that their trusted neighbors recommend. In our latest survey, 94% of Nextdoor neighbors value recommendations for products, services and businesses from their neighbors on Nextdoor4. In order to help you build your reputation on Nextdoor, sync your contacts and ask your past customers to leave you a recommendation. Contacts are securely stored and can be removed anytime through your privacy settings. Here are instructions on how to get your customers to recommend you. 

  • Engage with your community 

Keep your neighborhood updated with your business happenings, including new menu items, upcoming sales, photos of new projects with Nextdoor business page postsNow it’s easier than ever with generative AI, where you can add the content you want with editing and optimizations provided by your personal AI Assistant. Additional post features like videos or conducting customizable polls can help you tap into the pulse of your neighborhood,  get new product feedback,  determine new menu items or services, or promote an upcoming event. 


1 Nextdoor internal data, July 2023
2 Nextdoor neighbor survey, May 2023
3 Nextdoor internal data, 2023
4 Nextdoor neighbor survey, May 2023

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