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Branding Tips to Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out on Nextdoor

January 13, 2021
Written by Carla Morla
January 13, 2021 | Written by Carla Morla

In the real estate business,  branding is crucial. Whether you’re a new agent or a veteran, becoming a familiar face in the community is vital to attracting more clients. Nextdoor makes it easy for you to establish your reputation and get connected with people living in neighborhoods where you do business. 

We spoke to real estate agent Danielle Martinez, based in  Albuquerque, New Mexico,  who shared some of her most successful branding and marketing tips. As a new agent, she’s found Nextdoor’s business tools, specifically Neighborhood Sponsorships, to be an essential resource to ramp up her business and get her name out into the community.

These are Danielle’s three branding and marketing tips to help your real estate business stand out

#1 Use the same profile photo for both your member account and Business Page

Since Danielle sells homes in the neighborhood where she lives, one simple way to brand herself as a real estate agent was to make her profile photos on her member and Business Page consistent. Danielle says this helps people in the community easily identify and associate who you are with what you do. When they see your face on a Business Post or Sponsorship Ad, they’re already warmed up to you as their neighbor. 

“I once sold a dishwasher on my member profile and then the woman later reached out and asked if I was a real estate agent because she had seen my picture on my Sponsorship ad. It turned out she was going to be looking for a home in a home the near future and would reach out.”

#2 Find ways to have meaningful interactions with the community and get more recommendations

Aside from being a realtor, Danielle is also a notary and mentions both services on her Business Page. By offering free notary services and being available outside of normal work hours, she’s able to give back to the community and have valuable interactions with her neighbors.  Instead of payment, Danielle asks for Nextdoor recommendations.

“I’ve been using my notary to help promote my real estate business and I offer free services to people nearby.  I just went over to a neighbor’s home who had twin one-year-olds and she mentioned just couldn’t make it out to the bank. I met them in the evening to notarize some documents and when they offered to pay, I just told them to leave a Nextdoor recommendation because growing my reputation on Nextdoor is more valuable to me than money right now.” 

#3 Post helpful information as your content strategy & respond immediately

When it comes to her Business Page, Danielle’s biggest piece of advice is to be helpful and responsive. By that, she means posting information that’s useful -  whether that’s sharing new things she’s learned, industry knowledge, or even fun recipes to tie into the holidays. Danielle says these posts generate more responses compared to other strategies she’s tried. 

The other part of Danielle’s advice is to be responsive - by that, she means to respond to comments and messages as soon as possible. It’s important to make that connection with people so when they do need something, they refer us.

“Being quick to respond to questions on the Nextdoor has helped with word of mouth.  I had one client who found me on and we worked together on possibly listing his home. Even though he ended up not listing,  a few weeks later someone else posted for realtor recommendations and he mentioned me in the comment.”

If you want to grow your reputation and stand out from other businesses on Nextdoor, these tips from a real realtor will help. Claim your free Business Page to get started.

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